The most underrated skill, conflict management

September 26, 2020
growth, psych, conflict

Intro # Disclaimer ↕ This post is equal parts self exporation and discussion. I am not a therapist, psychological professional, or consoulor so please consult one as needed. Mental health, like your physical health, is not something that you should only wait and go to the emergency room for. On my journey towards emotional maturity, I’ve been forced to confront the reality that I’m enabling dysfuntional relationships or enabling poor team dynamics simply by avoiding necessary conflicts. ...

Social Media - Remember When?

September 1, 2020
psych, facebook, social

Social Media # I originally thought that social media was a great thing. I used it for pictures and connections, chat and events. Pretty much like everyone else. Once I started to work within the data space, I realized some of the implications. It took me until listening to Tristan Harris to realize how completely designed and intentional the entire system was. Why this kind of experiences had disappeared: ...