The most underrated skill, conflict management

September 26, 2020
growth, psych, conflict

Intro # Disclaimer ↕ This post is equal parts self exporation and discussion. I am not a therapist, psychological professional, or consoulor so please consult one as needed. Mental health, like your physical health, is not something that you should only wait and go to the emergency room for. On my journey towards emotional maturity, I’ve been forced to confront the reality that I’m enabling dysfuntional relationships or enabling poor team dynamics simply by avoiding necessary conflicts. ...

The Relationship Cure

September 14, 2020
books, book notes, library, growth

Synopsis: # A book that provides a framework for a single unit of emotional connection “the bid”. Also, how to navigate a better life of emotional connection by using that framework in practical, no-fluff examples. Topics: # How We Connect Emotionally Look at Your Bids for Connection Six Bid Busters and How to Avoid Them Discover Your Brian’s Emotional Command Systems Examine How Your Emotional Heritage sets your style of bidding and therefore your ability to connect. ...

Actions vs Results Mindsets

September 1, 2020
meaning, growth, values

One of the most important additions to my mental toolset is being able to step back and look at my own approach. I’ve come to categorize this in the following way: Actions mindset starts from the perspective “I am willing to take these actions.” And subsequently arrives at a particular set of results. Results mindset starts from the persective, “I want this particular outcome.” And subquently works backwards to what actions are necessary. ...


September 1, 2020
meaning, growth, values

Definition # Discussion # Too often, a tradition or perspective is thrown off for the sake of it’s condition as “pre-existing”. The fact that something is “pre-existing” is a process of natural selection. I seek to find the sources of greatest selection success and emulate them as a starting point. All of us stand on the shoulders of giants. Even the most creative geniuses were first students of their craft. ...