Advice I would give anyone on working in Data & Analytics

September 18, 2020
directives, data, analytics

Intro # This is just a small collection of my frequently given advice to young or newer members of the analytics industry. If nothing else - I’d start with this: Data Analysis exists as a scientific exploration for the purpose of driving value for it’s audience. That value can be defined as a simple aggregation of observations or, hopefully, to drive better decision making. Everything else you do will become useless if the root goal is lost: Drive value through analytical insight. ...

Data Stack

December 1, 2019
data stack, data, stack, architecture

Table of Contents # What is a software stack? What is a data stack? Thinking in “Full Stack Data” terms The SHPPD Stack What is a software stack? # A software stack follos is commonly used to indicate a specific “stack” of technologies which is used to compose the front and back end of an application. Most commonly used examples are the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, Mongo, PHP/Python/Perl) and a personal connection of mine is an early evangelist of the AND (Angular, Node, Docker) stack. ...

Heroku Postgres and PowerBi

November 11, 2019
powerbi, heroku, postgres, data

I’ve been continuing to receive a very positive response on my custom connector project inspite of the release in August of PowerBi’s native support for DirectQuery. The reason being: similar to my own employer Finexio, there is a large number of startups depending on Heroku as an infrastructure platform. The primary issue being that when you attempt to make the connection in PowerBI using the native PostgreSQL connector, it depends on a certificate to make the connection secure. ...